Mar 18, 2019

An Offer Menu Board

The restaurant fraternity in the US is one of the most productive and dynamic and is consistently evolving. Hence, offering lucrative food-deals  to customers and yet maintaining a healthy bottom line poses a real challenge to most restaurants. It is the digital menu boards which provide the the best advertising for these offers and in increasing sales.

Mar 12, 2019

St Patrick's Day - A Fresh Day For Food And Business

St Patrick’s Day, with all it’s hues and colors,is passionately celebrated in the US every year. This occasion provides a momentum for the restaurant fraternity and retail trades since billions of dollars are spent as a mark of celebrations. As always, the digital menu boards play a pivotal role in advertising the menu, engaging the customer, and branding  the restaurant with updated digital synchronizations.

Feb 22, 2019

Pizzas - The Best Slice In The Restaurateur's Pie

The Pizza industry in the US is one of the most dynamic. While it’s popularity has evoked fresh marketing ideas fuelled by recent online ordering processes, the restaurateur continues to face new challenges in combating competition and innovating the pizza menu. Amidst all this, the digital menu board, with its glitz and impact, remains the most powerful tool in enticing the customer and enhancing sales.

Feb 5, 2019

Valentines Day - Foods With Love

Valentines Day provides both the American people and the restaurant fraternity an opportunity to come together and provide an impetus to the ecomony. While approximately $30 billion spends expected on this day, the restaurateur is equally gearing up to enhance his brand image, sales and profits. Again, with the help of digital menu boards.The menu, as always is expected to be exotic to entice the target audience.

Jan 11, 2019

Multi-Screen Digital Menu Boards With A Single Menu Design Theme

Digital signage technology has enabled the use of multiple digital menu board for restaurants with various exquisite design themes. While these, combined with a delicious spread remain the primary facilitator for increased customer attention and enhanced sales, the competitive intensity among restaurants, big and small, make happen innovate menu boards for lucrative investments and branding.

Dec 24, 2018

New Year's Day Menu - A New Beginning

While the New Year's celebrations are now on, the restaurant fraternity too gets an opportunity to make hay with traditional and trendy cuisines. The in-store decorations are as glitzy as the scrumptious and eclectic menu. With competition intensifying, the restaurateurs face the challenges with innovative designs on their digital menu boards to entice  customers.

Dec 8, 2018

The Christmas Menu - A Bountiful With Blessings

The Christmas season in the US is usually marked by a buoyant and merry mood by the Americans. However, for the restaurant fraternity it is frenetic activity to survive and thrive in a tough market scenario plagued by volatile trade-dynamics.This is where digital signage, the most cost-effective advertsing medium, steps in to provide the desired impact on customers and  business alike.

Nov 19, 2018

Thanksgiving Day - The Business Of Giving And Thanking

The Thanksgiving Day weekend in the US is a major event for shoppers as well as for the restaurant fraternity. While a major part of the populace choose to spend time with family with dinner outings and takeaways, the event provides an impetus to gastronomical delights particularly revolving around the turkey as its main item. As always, the digital menu boards contribute significantly in advertising and marketing the menu.

Oct 25, 2018

Halloween Specials - Best Business With Spooky Dinners !

The Halloween Festival is among the most popular festivals in the US wherein both, the American people and the restaurant fraternity combine to take consumerism to the next level. The integration of in-store decorations, costumes for the occasion, and the savory cuisine provide a unique opportunity for digital menu board advertising . All of these make for a healthy bottom line for the restaurateur.

Sep 17, 2018

Chinese Cuisine - Popularity With Novelty

Chinese cuisine in the US has always been a favorite for all nationalities and ethnic groups. The 41,000 plus Chinese restaurants in the US with over $17 billion dollars in yearly sales say it all. The epicureans’ fancy, along with effective marketing by the restaurateurs have catapulted this cuisine into the top league.In recent times,the digital signage menu boards too have played a pivotal role in engaging the target audience and enhancing the restaurants’ bottom line.