Animated menuboard Vs. Static menuboard

Jun 23, 2014
Animated digital menuboards or Static digital menuboards.

Advantages of Animated menuboard over Static menuboard:

1. Animated menuboards can highlight a particular content on a menuboard more than static menuboards.

2. Animated menuboards can create more lasting impression on audience?s mind than static menuboards.

3. Animated menuboards can create a tantalizing impact on the audience's mind to order for a particular menu.

4. Animated menuboards can make a food item look more authentic like smoke coming out of coffee cup or sweat rolling down from soft drink glass etc.

Disadvantages of Animated menuboard over Static menuboard:

1. Animated menuboards brings in too much focus on a particular content over others.

2. Animated menuboards can be disturbing to the audience as times.

3. Some animated menuboards makes transitions so fast that it becomes difficult for the audience to understand.

4. Animated menuboards needs high end hardware for delivery than static menuboards.

5. Difficult to make quick changes on Animated menuboards over Static menuboards.

So, when you are looking to select the menuboard, understand the concepts above before you get the service.
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