Jun 29, 2018

A Happy And Prosperous 4th of July

A Happy And Prosperous 4th of July

As a restaurateur, you certainly have some work to do for this day, and on this day! And why not, if it enhances your reputation and makes your bottom lines healthier?

Planning, Organizing and Implementing your best restaurant ideas for the American Independence Day are indeed challenging. We, from DSMenu wish to put forward a few ideas for your kind perusal.


Has to be planned well in advance given your business & marketing objectives. Assuming that your restaurant will be filled to capacity on this day you could include the following considerations:-

  • Decorations: These are an integral aspect of the celebrations. The American Flag needs to be ubiquitous : in your paper cups, cutlery items, napkins, beer mug. The colors of blue, red and white could also go into adorning certain dessert delicacies. Flower pots with flowers of these colors could be exhibited outdoors. Banners / captions on famous independence Day quotes could also be advertised.
  • Purchase of raw materials: Speak with your suppliers in advance for that extra pounds of meat, chicken, pork and breads. Coordinate with your chef as well.
  • Gift items / Candies & toys / Balloons for kids: If you make the kids happy, their parents will make you happy. Be generous in gifting toys, candies and balloons. Their cheer and fun will be contagious and will attract more passersby as your customers.
  • Hire a guitarist / musician for the day: A great idea if you wish to entertain your customers along with the delicious menu. Give an advert in the papers and we?re certain many will respond. Could be a solo professional or with a band. Your budget, your choice ! Regale your customers such that they will remember the day and your restaurant for many years to come.
Use digital signage menu boards in your Independence Day

Use Digital Signage Menu Board

  • Absolutely imperative on this day to highlight your delectable menu, special offers, and menu creations.
  • Make best use of colors for optimum visual appeal.
  • Add a good caption to lure customers.
  • Offer certain menu items such as sides and add-ons at discounted prices. Avoid premium pricing as much as possible. Build on volumes, since numbers in footfalls will be on your side this day.
  • Position your menu items versus competitors with menu item branding.

Plan A Regular Menu

On this day you have many options. However, having a regular American menu made specially for this day would certainly allure customers. The following are a few suggestions:-

  • Appetizers may include Hummus, French Onion Dip, Nachos with all fixings, Deviled eggs.
  • Your customers would want to sip something while waiting for the grill menu. You may offer A margarita ? Rose Cocktail Mashup, chic and elegant.
  • Quick Service Treats as with Hot Dogs with bacon, Pico de Gello and Avocado. This apart, you may serve Sweet and Spicy Ribs, Pork Chops, Grilled Split lobster, Head On prawns with chile, garlic and parsley, Ranch burger, Smashed Cheeseburger, Sweet & Sour grilled Chicken.
  • A Potato Salad with Eggs and mustard would combine well with the grills.
  • For Dessert, Red, White And Blueberry Pie depicting the colors of the American Flag would be ideal, along with several variants of Ice Creams and fruit cakes.

Plan A Brunch Menu

  • The 4th of July will naturally witness people of all age groups thronging the streets in a festive spirit and soaking in the festive atmosphere at all times of the day. Hence, a brunch menu inclusion is a must.
  • Keep your menu simple, with lots of juicy burgers, steaks, chicken wings, drumsticks, varieties of omlette, pastries, biscuits : refreshments as with fresh juices, lemonade, orange juice, beer and soda.
  • Entice customers with the ever popular desserts as with fruit cakes, ice creams, waffles with cherry tops and fruit salad.

Grill Display For All

Best if your restaurant is facing the main street.

  • Your grill menu displays, what with the appetizing sounds and aroma of sizzlers - beef, chicken and pork, will be an instant draw for the passserbys.
  • Give a combination offer with beer or soda, and the crowds coming into your restaurant will swell in no time ! Your Grill menu will be a sell-out!

Implement Cross - Promotional Strategies

  • A very effective way to brand your restaurant.
  • Business tie-ups with local salons, spas, theatre, as well as with apparel, footwear and jewellery shops will serve multiple purposes.
  • You can make your customers happy by promoting your partner/s products or services, and likewise they will do the same in promoting your restaurant.
  • Further, a happy customer will come back to your restaurant again and again.

Organise a Charity Lunch or Dinner

  • The most appropriate day for such an event as Liberty and Equality are important tenets of the American Independence Day.
  • Could be implemented on a scale germane to the space in the resttaurant and the budget.
  • People with disabilities could be invited for a meal.
  • A tie-up with a local politician or a prominent social worker will provide greater mileage to the event.
  • The fan following of the prominent citizen could become regular customers of your restaurant.

To conclude, the 4th of July provides you, the restaurateur, an immense opportunity to market your menu, advertise your business and come closer to your customer like never before. An intelligent investment will certainly bring in the desired rewards. Best of Luck!