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Initiated in 2012, we are a well-established online company in the domain of menu board designing and it’s integration with digital signage technology. Today,we ride on an impressive reputation for delivering the best menu board templates by leveraging on our strengths and empowering the restaurateur to design/conceive of his own menu board on our website.

Our core-competence lies in the exclusive synergies of technology and creativity, which have, over the years, enabled many restaurants worldwide to achieve illustrious heights in menu board display. And these in-turn have significantly contributed in enhancing their restaurant sales & profitability

The Essence of DS Menu

Around the year 2012, most in the restaurant fraternity were reliant on offline agencies for designing their menu boards. And these were eating into their time and money. Hence, with a view to making things easier and simpler for the restaurateur, we were the first to conceptualize the designing of digital menu boards in the online space, and offered the restaurateur a powerful tool in devising his own menu board in quick-time with slender spends. This is why DS Menu is unique in offering online menu board services.

With a very affordable yearly subscription you receive the following benefits

  • You may select a menu board of your choice, and download from our vast database of menu board templates. From the quick service snacks of pizzas and burgers to ethnic cuisines, bakery and wines, we have a wide spectrum of menu board choices on offer.
  • You may decide to make your own menu board on our website by the easy-to-use method and download the same. And we can assist you on this, if neccessary.
  • We offer functional advantages on your Chain-store solutions / multi-location menu boards.
  • We offer operational advantages of the Cloud-based program for your restaurant menu board.

Our Values

For us, you come first. As you are a valued restaurateur, we want you to display the best possible menu board for maximum audience impact, with optimum sales potential and profitability. If your restaurant makes money, we are happy. Hence, we do not compromise on the quality of our templates.And we eagerly share these with our trade partners and affiliates.Our vibrant team of graphic designers are consistently updated on the menu board dynamics prevalent worldwide. And yes, we also advocate the powerful integration of our templates with digital signage technology.Which is why we can offer the best there is.

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