DSMenu is an "unique" cloud based menuboard design application. DSMenu has redefined the way menuboards are designed for restaurant business. Menuboard design can't be more simpler than this anymore.

Follow the simple steps below to get started:

  •   Log in your Account

    For registered users: Login
    For new users: Register and Login

  •   Create New board

    To start the menuboard creation, specify :

    1.  Menuboard size. (Can specify a Custom Size)
    2.  Menuboard Background Color


    Select a menuboard from the gallery and click on "Load Menu".

  •   Edit Menuboard

    An "easy-to-use" design editor is available that will enable you to:

    1.  Add menu items. Multi column menu items is possible.
    2.   Add graphics. You can import your OWN graphics.
    3.   Add graphics from gallery.
    4.   Add icons from gallery.
    5.  Add shapes and colors.
    6.  Add OWN logo.

  •   Save, Preview and Publish

    After menuboard creation, follow these steps sequentially

    1.  Save. You need to give a name to the menuboard while saving.
    2.   Preview.
    3.   Publish

  •   Payment

    As DSMenu follows yearly subscription model, there are 2 options:

    For PAID users: Users will be taken to "Download" page directly.
    For new users: Subscribe and download

  •   Download

    DSMenu allows 2 types of download:

    On USB: A high-res PNG file of the menuboard gets downloaded on your desktop.
    On URL: Menuboard published on an Unique URL.

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