1. I Will Be Able To Display These On A Standard LCD Widescreen Monitor?
Yes, absolutely. You can select resolutions on DSMenu.
2. How do I get your menu board onto my TV?
You can load the menu board onto a USB drive. If you want to be able to update your menu from any computer, we Enplug's device which plugs into any display via HDMI.
3. Is There Anyway To Print Them To Paper Menu?
Yes, but not recommended. Although the output is high resolution PNG file, it will be of good quality.
4. Does The System Works For Multi Location?
Yes, Absolutely. DSMenu serves multi store restaurant business in a way that all menuboards are controlled from a single admin.
5. Is There Any Free Trial For The Application?
No, there is no free trial because we have kept menuboard design on DSMenu "Free". You won't have to pay anything to design a menuboard on DSMenu. To download the menuboard, the user needs to subscribe with us by paying our annual subscription fee.
6. What Is The Cost On Per Menuboard Download?
There is nothing like per menuboard fee. All you need to do is subscribe with our yearly subscription fee and download as many menuboards as you wish.
7. Any Hardware Needed To Make This Work?
No, it is hardware independent. You will need a display screen/TV screen and internet connection. To be able to instantly update your menu over the internet, we recommend Enplug's device which plugs into any TV via HDMI
8. What Does The Subscription Includes?
As a subscribed member, a user is allowed to create and download UNLIMITED menuboard for 1 year period.
9. Do We Get Access To DSMenu Template Gallery, Graphics, Creative Help Etc.?
Yes, Absolutely. Also, we upload new templates almost every week. You will get access to new one as well.
10. I Don't Need Unlimited Download. I Need To Download Once A Year. Is There A Solution?
DSMenu application is built for unlimited access. For 1 menuboard a year, we will suggest to get a menuboard outside DSMenu. We can build one for you at a cost. Reach us to know more.
11. Screen Transitions Possible On DSMenu?
Yes, there are many ways to do it. You can import the menuboards on the CMS of your player and give transition. Else we are building a "Schedular" to ensure this from DSMenu. This will be available to the users at a certain cost soon.
12. Wish To Try Once Before Taking Subscription?
Unfortunately, there is no trial membership with us. But you can use it for 1 week before taking a final decision so that we can take necessary action.
13. Why DSMenu Is "Unique" Solution?
Because its Cloud based digital menuboard design application. Just a small example: You will be able to change your menuboard at your restaurant in california while you are holidaying with your family at caribbean. This is very simple solution.
14. Just To Cross Check, Once We Put The Pen Drive With Menuboard Into A TV, The Input Will Work?
Yes, as long as your TV has USB port.
15. Here Is A Query: I Got A Smart TV, 52" Wide. Can I Put A Internet Connection, Through The USB Port And Make This Work ?
That is what is called innovative idea. Appreciate your thought. Yes, it will work because your TV has got browser as well. Here are some steps: Create menuboards on DSMenu, on your laptop/desktop etc. Make your TV connect to internet using the internet dongle. On your TV browser, just type the url that you get for your menuboard on DSMenu. To view the url, go to "my design" section of DSMenu.
16. Can We Get Standalone Version? Not Depends On Network Always. For Most Of Time, We Design It Offline.
DSMenu is NOT recommended for you. Sorry.
17. I Got 10 Stores Across USA. Is It 1 Membership For Me Or 11 Subscription?
11 subscription recommended. Else you won't be able to enjoy the menuboard controlling feature of DSMenu. DSMenu will make all your 11 stores to collaborate their menuboard creatives.
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