Jan 7, 2014

Addressing the 5 questions that the restaurant owners ask.

Just some days back a market research is done by a leading managment consulting firm on restaurant business. The 20 member team covered 370 restaurant business from across 28 countries from different continents. Apart from researching on the "food habits based on geo location", The team also found a demand of technology solution to some of the restaurant owner's requriements. Excerpts from that study is outlined below....

The questions asked by the restaurant owners are:

  1. How to display the items, specifically the "Special Item" that you prepare? This helps in the restaurant brand building as well.
  2. How to make changes on the existing menuboard quickly? Like to make changes when the customer is already present at the restaurant?
  3. How to create menuboard/s without designer's or expert's intervention/s? A need for a quick and effective solution.
  4. How to re-use menuboards, with some modification/s like price change or image change, without doing it over and over again?
  5. Can the menuboard be a sales tool? In pursuit to find a solution to the above mentioned questions, the team came out with a solution which has become a trend now in restaurant business.

The solution is like: "An online digital menuboard application which is 'cloud based'. These menuboards should be broadcasted using digital display screen in the restaurant." This is a possible solution to the existing demand of the restaurant business owners.

Lots of technology innovators from across the world plunged into it to find a solution. To find a demo of such application, click here Write your comments so that the innovation can continue....