Apr 20, 2018

The Hot Dog Fast Food And Digital Signage

There is no fast food as quintessentially American as the Hotdog. Although it has it's origins in Germany, it remains the most consumed fast food item in the US in a year ( around 20 million ), with spends of over $2.5bn by supermarket customers alone. ( Courtesy Stats : Simmons National Consumer Survey ). The National Hotdog & Sausage Council pegs the retail sales figure at $ 10bn a year alone. Further, the Heartland Buffalo Company states that the sales of hotdog food trucks /street vendor carts are substantial but numbers are not easy to obtain.

The Hot Dog Fast Food And Digital Signage

Hotdog And The Digital Signage Menu Board

A hotdog menu is best presented on a digital signage menu board or screen, and as a restaurateur this should provide you a host of benefits which will not only drive your sales and revenues but also make happen better and more effective customer engagement.

The following are a few pointers :-

  • Garnish your hotdog menu board with appropriate graphics and content. A menu board with an attractive design & creativity in presentation can virtually command it's own price. Vibrant colors too can enhance the ambiance of the menu and that of the restaurant.
  • Presenting your hotdog menu items on a picture frame menu board will certainly engage your customers. Picture frame menus highlight each item at it's best since the menu is lean & structured. Add to this the compelling impact of digital signage and your sales go up 100x !
  • Serving the hotdogs with soft drink combinations such as colas and juices and advertising them on the digital menu board would provide an unmatched visual appeal to potential customers.
  • The variants of hotdogs ie, pork, beef, turkey or chicken and their pricing options could be showcased on the digital menu board for customers to select and order quickly.
  • Options for mustard or ketchup toppings ( or any other sauce with a novelty ) along with other fillers in the bun casing of the hotdog may also be mentioned on the digital menu board as special offers or sides. Accordingly, customers can make their choices. Cheese and veggies may also be advertised with the hotdogs.
  • Digital signage software will enable you to promote specific items ie up-sells at real-times during the day. Hence, you may choose to showcase three hotdogs at lunch time, and three others on other time-bands, given customer tastes & preferences.
  • The 'Cloud based program' of digital signage will enable you to update or modify your hotdog menu anytime, and from anywhere - if in case you cannot be present at your restaurant.
  • Digital signage advertising provides the best & most effective impact at point-of-sale advertising today. You need not earmark additional advertising budget to promote your hotdogs.
  • A digital signage menu board is the ideal platform to brand your hotdogs - or your business - by a name that stays with the customer for many years to come. Loyalty programs are built this way, taking your business to the next level.
  • Installation of digital signage systems are easy and cost effective. If you have a good budget you would need a computer, a media player and a digital signage menu board or a digital screen. Even if you have a shoe-string budget , just a computer and a Tv screen with an internet dongle would suffice . Your hotdogs would still be hot enough to entice your customers !