Apr 26, 2014

A "Time Saving" solution for restaurant owners.

"Time is money". The true essence of these words reverberates in restaurant business. Studies shows that restaurant owners spends most of their time focusing on menus, customer service, quick order processing etc. As they focus more on these important business issues other smaller issues gets less attention and hence "opportunity lost" in the form of "Brand Building", "menu upselling" etc.

Following are some real time situation/s that is faced in restaurant operations:

A customer standing at your ordering counter to order without knowing how a particular menu would look like, in reality.

You, as a restaurant owner, wants to alter price of a menu item instantly to grab, already present, customer's attention.

You, as a restaurant owner, wants to show your "Today's Special" menu repeatedly so that you get more orders on that particular menu.

Supposedly, a group of customers is at your restaurant and you want to entice(in positive sense) them by showing a combo pack offer on the fly.

As your customer is enjoying the meal, its right time to inform them about the "Latest Happening" around in the City to keep the customer engaged.

As a business day ends, you may like to prepare your menu items for the following day in advance.

For Restaurant chain owners: You might wish to control the menu displays on your remote stores from a single location. To all the situations mentioned above, an easy and an innovative solution is "Cloud Based Menuboard Design Application". These are very powerful application/s.

These Cloud Based Menuboard Design Application normally comes with following utilities:

Centralized control panel to control multiple menuboards at different location/s.

In built Template and graphics bank to make menuboards really FAST(as less as 5 minutes).

URL based menuboards to facilitate quick update of menuboard.

Easy-to-use admin panel which facilitates in deisgning the menuboards.

Customizable menuboard so that the restaurant owners can put their OWN logo and menu graphics. ? Last but not the least, these are built on SAAS platform so that user can take license for a time period to use. Cloud based digital menuboard is an "Unique" way to revolutionize the menu design process. For chain stores, it plays a vital role in menuboard design and controlling. Digital menuboards are fast becoming an essential tool to customer retention and promotion. Cloud based digital menuboard Apps are fast replacing the other conventional digital menuboards and the restaurant owners are increasingly showing inclination of using this technology for their benefit. One such cloud based digital menuboard Apps. named DSMenu is widely used in restaurant business. Click Here to Try it out...