Aug 14, 2014

Digital Menuboards: Your "Best" Salesman

In another words, we can call digital menuboards as a "Silent Seller". Digital menuboards are just another "creative way" by which restaurant owners sells their menus.

Some quick points on how a digital menuboard helps selling:

  1. Promote products that are in high inventory - "Menu up selling". Digital menuboards helps in making quick offers and combo offers and sell menu items.
  2. Adding new items to the menu is just so easy with Digital Menuboards. Menu editing is just so FAST and SIMPLE using the digital menuboard application.
  3. Digital menuboards helps in displaying promotions so that the customers feels like visiting the shop again and again.
  4. Digital menuboards cuts down the overhead costs drastically like printing, menuboard panels, designer cost etc.
  5. Digital menuboard plays an important role in brand building of the restaurant business. Logo, font type, font style, background color etc. are so easily managed in digital menuboards.
  6. Digital menuboards helps to show nutritional information in a creative way so that customers knows the nutritional value of the food they are ordering.
  7. Other valuable information are shared with the customer through digital menuboards like temparature outside, events around the city, sports update etc.
  8. Streamline deployment, integration and activation?
  9. Digital menuboards helps in menu promotions on social media.