Sep 12, 2015

Chalk Menuboard is back, with a BANG!!

An independant restaurant magazine recently found that "Chalk menuboards" are still most preferred menuboards by the restaurant owners in order to show their menus to the customers, in a nice creative way. On the other hand digital menuboards has revolutionized the way restaurants create and manage their menuboards.?

The Dilemma is: Chalk Menuboards Vs. the Digital Menuboards.?

The big Question: Who will bridge the gap? Taking both creativity and Technology aspect together.

The solution is: The solution is here:

Cloud based digital menuboard application is one step forward to the solution. Cloud based digital menuboard design application, like DSMenu, enables restaurant owners to create menuboards using?the "Chalk board themes" that they had being using for so long. Only difference is Chalks are replaced with some specialized fonts which gives Chalk type effect.

Some restaurant owners even went a step further. They have put wodden frame around the digital display with the chalk menuboard so that it gives an effect of the real chalk board menuboard.

The advantage: Restaurant owners gets the look-and-feel of chalk menuboards and the advantages of digital menuboards together like:

- Quick menuboard update.
- Changing pictures on the menuboard.
- Making menus on the fly.
- Changing fonts easily to give it a new look.
- Promoting them on the social media.

Excited to see some digital chalkboard menuboards? DSMenu brings you a gallery of such menuboards which can you see by clicking on the link below.