Apr 16, 2014

A "Revolutionary" way to design digital menuboards.

Cloud computing made its debut in food and restaurant industry in the form of Cloud based digital menuboard application which makes it a very "Revolutionary"idea. It has redefined the way digital menuboards are created for restaurants, considering that manual menuboards is meant for museum. Cloud based digital menuboard application based on enhanced SAAS business model is an emerging trend which more and more restaurants are adapting to.

This article is to articulate the focus of these application There are many utilities of such application but this article will focus on the follow 5 parameters:

Quick Solution: These applications are built keeping the Turn Around Time in mind. These applications can allow the Restaurant owners to build a menuboard in less than 5 mins. They provides wide range of templates and graphics that facilitates to design a menuboard in minimum time. The application facilitates in building the customized offers even when the customer is present on the restaurant premises. So it allows restaurant owners to "make one that sells" kind of offers in quickest possible time.

Cost Effective: These Apps are built on modified SAAS business model. Just by paying a subscription fee, users can create and download menuboard. Apart from this, restaurant owners saves costs that they otherwise pays to a graphic designers to make the menuboards. The overhead cost is minimum as there is no 'Hardware' needed to maintain the application. 'Zero Maintenance' for the end users.

User friendliness: These Apps are built on 'easy-to-use' tools. Normally, the UI is built in such a way that a person with minimum computer skills can use them. It is an considered that restaurant owners don?t have time to use elaborate tools. So they need some conventional and easy to use tools. As the word goes 'At times it is difficult to make things easy'. Simple feature like drag-drop, icon based functions etc. are just to name a few easy to use tools.

Platform Independence: Along with Platform independence, these applications will make you 'Location independent' as well. Anyone can access the application from anywhere. They are built to be accessed by normal browsers. All the user will need is 'internet connectivity'. It has no 'Hardware' dependency as well. So imagine, you are on a holiday destination and you wish to show a menuboard(or special offer) to your customers at your pizza shop in newyork, "Now!!It is possible".

Collaborative work: (for restaurant chain owners) Cloud based digital menuboard application will allow restaurant owners to build their menuboards and push them to the satellite store/franchise store at any location in the world. Stores/Franchises can exchange their menuboards within themselves. These applications normally assigns an "unique" URL to every menuboard. This helps restaurant owners to 'Promote' their menuboards on social networking website as well. One such application is named DSMenu.

DSMenu is an "unique" cloud based menuboard design application that is built with extensive research and in participation of domain experts and end users. The scope of these applications are immense to be believed. Cloud computing in food industry has started to make its mark. Feel free to talk to our experts or mail us to know as this is a very modern technology. Many restaurant owners are now increasingly adapting to this technology trend. The best part is that these application will make your way of functioning more "Independent". For any questions OR idea, Click here.