Dec 9, 2013

Digital menu boards offer more than just prices... It "adds value"

Digital menu boards are for more than just putting beautiful pictures of food items and its costs. The dynamic nature of digital signage menu boards opens up a varied menu of capabilities that can provide ambiance and improve the bottom line.

Content is what makes the digital market "Unique". It adds more than just to put menu items and cost. It can contribute more towards Promotion, merchandizing, and entertainment in some form. The biggest trait of digital content is that it can engage the customer/s.

Does "improved environment" leads to "increased revenues"?

Digital signage generates more revenue by increasing visit frequency by showcasing compelling imagery of food and beverages. A perfect example from the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas.

Digital signage definitely improves the environment for customers because it reduces their perceived wait time by 40 percent while "creating energy and providing infotainment." The best coontribution of digital signage is towards facilitating upselling or cross-selling, promoting other services such as catering and gift cards and showcasing third-party ads which can add up to the revenue.

Some explicit examples Tim Hortons in Canada uses digital signage to promote menu offerings. The average check at the brand was previously $1.61. After the installation of digital signage, the check average was up 25 cents for every visitor.

McDonald's restaurant in Las Vegas featured a "media fountain" with numerous large digital screens that looks awesome. It attracted more and more customers to the restaurant outlet.

Restaurants are now feature digital boards in three zones: The entry, The counter and The wall. Try this out and add to your bottomline.