Menuboards on URL

Nov 24, 2014

There are applications, like DSMenu, where a restaurant owner can create digital menuboard for their restaurant and publish those on a url using the App. Following are some advantages of getting digital menuboards on URL

1. Menuboards can be seen from anywhere using the url.

2. Menuboards can be submitted on social networking website like facebook, twitter etc.

3. Menuboards can be mailed as a url link to potential customers.

4.Changes made on the menuboards gets quickly reflected. Within seconds the menuboards are updated.

5. Menuboard playlists can be made.

6. Menuboard on url facilitates both indoor, outdoor and social media promotion of menus.

7. Increases visibility because your customers can share your menuboard with their connections.

8. For chain stores, a single menuboards can be displayed on multiple location easily through the url.

9. Menuboard scheduling is easy. You can create and assign your menuboard for future time and date.

10. Last but not the least, menuboards can be promoted from your restaurant website as well.
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