Jan 13, 2014

New Technology Vs. Old practice

As a matter of reference in this article, New Technology is considered as Digital Signage solution in restaurant business. Old practice is considered as the primitive way of using board or papers for menuboards display. While comparing New Technology with the Old practice, there are 2 vital parameters for comparison: 1. Cost. 2. Easiness to use. Cost is not always in terms of the investment that is made on procurement. It is more towards to value that it gives back after the investment.

The reasons why digital signage gives better value than the old practice is because:

  1. A digital signage solution can offer dynamic and varied content, keeping the viewer engagement level very high.
  2. It can target the customer when the customer is already there at the restaurant.
  3. It can help in giving out information like some political message, temperature outside, time etc. at real time.
  4. It can help up-selling of items like a customer in your pizza shop might end up with a packet of potato fingers, coke and chocolate cake in addition to pizza.
  5. A digital signage solution can highlight the "specials" of the day along with its ingredients effectively. What stops restaurant owners from getting a digital signage: Restaurant owners generally don't want to burden themselves with technology. There is a natural "block" against using technology over primitive processes. Only 3 things needed to make the digital signage work for you:
    • A display screen.(With your preference of size)
    • A pen-drive. (To transfer contents)
    • An application, like DSmenu, which facilitates in generating the content. **Note; Digital signage hardware is optional. It is to be used if there are several display screens to be managed from single point.

  6. Using digital signage can't be as easy as that. In a nutshell, only 2 things needed:
    • To display the content(Hardware),
    • To create the content(Application).

A research shows 22% increase in restaurant's ROI after installing Digital signage display. This figures are expected to increase more in the year 2014 as more and more technology innovation will get into this. Digital signage displays plays an important role in the success story of restaurant business. Get ready to shed your primitive inhibitions(of using technology) and be the part of the revolution.