May 11, 2018

Mother's Day- The Gourmet's Extravaganza

Mother's Day, which will be celebrated on Sunday, May 13th this year is expected to be a gourmet's extravaganza in the US, setting new records and statistics on restaurant menu offers and consumerism.

Research agencies, namely the National Research Association, Ebates and Brand Keys have predicted restaurant sales exceeding $ 400 million this year which would be far higher than St Patrick's Day and second only to Christmas. And although Mother's Day can be celebrated in many ways, nothing beats a good treat at one's favorite restaurant.

In simple terms, 92 million Americans ( 45 % of which are Adult Americans ) will divide their spends on Quick Service and Full Service restaurants offering brunch, lunch & dinner. It is estimated that the American consumer will spend at least $35 on an average in restaurants on this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Restaurant Specials for 2018

The following are some delectable and succulent offers & deals offered by restaurants this year. Although the compilation is exhaustive , we enumerate a few of them for your reference.You may take a leaf out of these and devise your special menu as well!

  • Mc Donald's offers a 3-course special menu at only 1O Pounds comprising of Starters ( a choice in chicket nuggets , mozerella cheese) Main course ( a selection of burgers ) & Desserts ( muffins, McFlurry & apple pies )
  • Black Angus Steakhouse offers exclusive steaks & lobsters at approx $30.
  • Spagetti Warehouse: Offers Free 15 layer Lasagna along with it's trademark spagettis at discounted prices
  • The Capital Grille: Brunch Menu at approx $50, with special freefees on their other savory menu.
  • Hooters Chicken Foods: offers world famous Hooters Style Chicken Wings at discounted prices.
  • Harvest - specializing in New England cuisine: Offers a 3-course prixe-fixe brunch & wine pairings with $25 extra only.
  • Mattenga's Pizzeria: offers exclusive pizzas and a May Kay take away gift hamper for mothers.
  • Outback Steakhouse: offers on Mother's Day,exclusive steaks at approx $19 , special offer.
  • Burger 21: offers special burgers at discouted prices, free shakes to moms.
  • Bertucci's: offer dinner for two, plus choice of vintage Kendall-Jackson wines.
  • Joes Crab Shack: offer on fixed price menu for approx $36, in addition to a choice of appetizer.
  • Baskin Robbins: offers Floral Stripe Cakes, along with their delectable choice of Ice creams.
  • Red Lobster: offers a Mother's Day brunch with Bloody Mary garnished with cocktail shrimps.
  • Long John Silver's: Offers on their exclusaive menu, buy one platter, get one free.

Mother's Day is an occasion that transcends all regional cuisine flavors as it personifies the essence of humanity. Hence, like Christmas, virtually all restaurants regardless of their ethnicity will be at their very best. We, from DSMenu, wish one and all, a very happy and enjoyable Mother's Day . Cheers !!