Feb 22, 2019

Pizzas - The Best Slice In The Restaurateur's Pie

Pizzas - The Best Slice In The Restaurateur's Pie

No matter how you slice it, pizza is hands-down one of the most popular foods in America. While versions of this tempting treat can be traced back to ancient Greece, it's the Italians who are credited with its perfection. Although you may get some arguements over whether Chicago deep dish is better than New York style thin-crust, pizza continues to be a perennial favorite among people of all ages.

Whether you prefer plain cheese or you like to mix things up with vegetables, meats or toppings that are a little more exotic,there's no right or wrong way to eat pizza in a restaurant or at home.It is the experience of eating pizza that one enjoys most. Unlike the burger, the pizza is usually eaten in sit-in restaurants, where the ambiance is vibrant and the services meticulous.

Today, it is all about quality and convenience. With the internet, most online pizza restaurant sites allow the customers benefits on the ordering process. From customizing their request to selecting the menu and making payments online, the restaurant business with regard to pizzas have come a long way. Likewise, the restaurateur has modified his promotional strategy to integrate his menu onto emails and text messages, apart from the social media sites such as facebook and instagram, to name a few.

Within the fast-food industry, the Pizza market, as always, remains in the top three growing markets in the United states.

Pizza Day Digital Menu Boards for 2019 from DSMenu

Trends And Predictions

  • Pizza is a $46 billion per year industry. There are approximately 91,354 pizzerias in the United States. (Source: American Business Lists, Omaha, Nebraska.) Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or 350 slices per second.
  • Industry employment in 2017, approx 10.32 lakhs, in Quick Service Restaurants and Full Service restaurants.
  • Pizza ranks as the second most popular fast food after hamburgers as per retail statistics (while 43% of Americans rank Pizzas as their first)
  • Other interesting facts: 53 percent of those surveyed prefer restaurant pizzaover frozen pizza. 30 percent (1 in 3) eat pizza at least once a week.
  • Pepperoni is overwhelmingly the most popular choice for Pizza toppings among 36% of Americans, followed by sausage at 14%. Only 8% prefer their pizza with just cheese only.
  • On average, Americans down about 3 billion pizzas each and every year. Overall, the U.S. accounts for about one-third of global pizza consumption.
  • Men are more likely to eat pizza, accounting for 15% of total consumption, versus 11% for women. Kids between the ages of 2 and 19 prove to be the biggest pizza eaters, with 20% grabbing a slice compared to 11% of adults.
  • Pizza Hut reigns supreme with close to 15,000 stores and nearly $13 billion in annual sales. Domino's, Papa Johns, Little Caesars and Papa Murphy's round out the top 5.
  • Nationwide in the US, the average price per pie ranges from $8.90 in Kentucky to $16 in the Big Apple. At New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and the California Bay Area are all tied at the top with $16 The average price for a VPN pie in the U.S. clocks in at $13.21.
  • Mobile orders are anticipated to account for $38 billion by 2020, which is a 10.7% of total QSR revenues by that year.
  • It is expected that by 2020, there will be 55 million mobile devices, which it is not surprising as mobile orders are expected to grow at a 57% CAGR.
  • The biggest forecast for the pizza market? Pizza delivery. By 2020, it's projected that 40% of all pizza franchises revenues will come from pizza delivery sales, most likely made through online ordering or a mobile app.
  • Studies have revealed that companies that have advertised or promoted their menu online have had 18% more sales that those who have not. It’s time now for even the mom and pop restaurants to go online.
  • Biggest Days in the Year for Pizzas sales : Super Bowl Sunday is the most popular day to eat pizza, with pizzerias seeing an average increase of 35% in sales. New Year's Eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving's Eve, and New Year's Day round out the top 5 pizza sales days of the year.

( Sources : US Deptt of Agriculture, Pizza Magazine, Nielsen, Business Insider, National Association of Pizzeria Operators, Pizza Today )

Pizza Sales And The Digital Menu Board

Best For Point-of sale Locations : Has been tried and tested across the US. QSR’s having digital screens for displays have inevitably succeeded in bringing in customers at a higher rate and have clocked higher sales and profits.

Devise Unique Design and Graphics To Combat Competition : Absolutely imperative. The menu board should not be too cluttered. Multiple screens can provide display and entertainment. The cost is minimal in proportion to the expected increase in sales.

Effective Method Of Enticing The Target Customers : The elegant colors, the bold and glittering letters and the content will attract flying customers and passerbys: will make a positive difference to sales.

Picture Frame Menu Boards For A Lean And Structured Menu : If you have 10-12 items you can design accordingly, and adorn with graphics. The board looks unique and assists customers in ordering fast. Enhances efficiency and productivity.

Facilitates Better Logistics And Inventory Monitoring :Digital signage assists in up-sells at real times. This will provide the restaurateur accurate information on his stocks and you will be able to coordinate with your suppliers and other vendors at the right times.

Run Attractive Videos And Playlists For Increasing Footfalls : The moving and dynamic images with audio obviously has an impact. Motorists and truckers on the highways will be attracted. Within the city precincts too passerbys will be enticed. 

Branding The Pizzas By Giving Them Names : Best ingredients will provide the best quality. If you have spent, give your pizzas names that your customers will remember. And they will come back for more. As we know, true success revolves around loyal customers.

Cloud Based Facility For Updating Menu Content : If you have a chain of pizza restaurants you can update menu content for all by operating a single admin. Likewise, even if you are away from your shop you can update content at real times through your laptop.

Facilitates Integration With Online Platforms And The Smart Phone : Most important for your promotions and advertising. After you prepare your menu for the day or week, make sure to reach maximum potential cutomers. Place posts on facebook and instagram, send text messages consistently to your data base. Your customers are looking forward to these.

Among all fast-food categories, the retail industry surveys point to a continuance of growth for the pizza going forward to 2020. The growth will come in value and through innovations. We are even seeing some of these right now, with self-driving cars, drone pizza delivery and other innovations.