Digital menu boards

DSMenu offers you a platform to create digital display boards for your business using cloud-based custom templates and playlists feature.

  • Menu board with lowest price
    Lowest price
  • Digital menu board with no hardware cost
  • Easy to use menu board application
    to use
  • Online application with massive resources
  • Menu board application with instant update

Thousand’s of menu board template

Excellent creatives
Conceived by professional designers

If you log on to DSMenu marketplace, you will see a wide spectrum of templates from the Gallery offered – all free of cost ! You may choose a template that best fits your marketing message . DSMenu also offers the facility of modifying, editing or altering the templates as per your requirement, and assist you online in publishing the content onto your digital screen. A little knowlege in HTML on your part ( or someone who does) would help upload the final design onto your digital screen.


A playlist of your Berger shop enables a schedule ( or prioritisation) of the different types of Bergers which the digital screen will play one by one for your customers. Hence, you may highlight a special item on offer repeatedly or at select intervals, and the digital screen will showcase the same to your customers.


Choose board
from gallery


frames easily


Set individual
frame time


Set transition
effect & time

Special Features

Update menu board anytime and remotely

Update menu board
anytime and remotely

Menu boards generally project a dynamic business. Items, services and graphics may need to be added or edited on a daily basis. Digital signage software helps you to do the needful. If , for example, you are away for a holiday with your family in the Bahamas and your restaurant menu board in New York needs to be updated – this can easily be done through your computer .

Manage multiple menu board at different location

multiple location

Another marvel of digital signage software. Multi-location menu boards of shops/stores/restaurants can be monitored by a single admin system. Assuming that you have done the modifications on the template saved in your computer, the single admin system updates the incremental change and uploads the same onto the display screen. Infact, Sign Menu’s “cloud based programme’ enables you to monitor & manage your multi-location digital screens without you even being physically present at the business sites.

No Hardware, No startup cost

No Hardware,
No startup cost!

The best part of ditital signage technology is that it obviates the need for hardware. Or rather, it entails the use of minimum hardware – only by way a Digital signage screen or a Smart Tv. Therefore, you do not need to invest in a media player.

Run your menu board without internet

without internet access

Digittal signage technology entails essentially a computer and a digital screen. If for any reason the internet service blanks out temporarily, the digital screen will keep running and can be monitored by the computer. Alternatively, a pen drive or a memory stick can also light up the digital screen with as much glittering effect.

How to use

A memory stick

Use your menu board through a memory stick

Full responsive

Use responsive HTML5 url for your menu board

With any
Signage player

Use your menu board through signage player

Social media

Use your menu board into social media

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Set Up a Restaurant Menu Board Online That Matches Your Requirement In Just 5 minutes With NO Technical Knowlwdge!

Online Restaurant Menu Design

Set Up a Restaurant Menu Board Online That Matches Your Requirement In Just 5 minutes With NO Technical Knowlwdge!

Access to a wide spectrum of templates, free registration, free downloads,and easy tools add to the finesse in creating menu boards.

Whether you offer fine dining, full service snack & meals, or quick service fast food, you have to find a way to entice your target customers. Every template is customizable – adorned with a unique design and creativity as with images, fonts,colors and graphics. So, get cracking !

Online Menu Design App which is made for QSR

You may avail of our User’s Guide to assist you in designing your menu board online.The User’s guide provides an effective roadmap of your menuboard design starting from the background color panels to creating your own playlists and displaying them offline. Our website is best for QSR’s as they are best synced with digital signage screens/ menu boards. On creating your own design you can display them online, as well as offline through a media player. If you display offline, we suggest your menu board be strategically placed at the entrance or inside the restaurant.

Design your own signage menu at home with no technical knowledge.

Customize your menu in just a few clicks

  • Browse templates from the gallery
  • Customize with text, photos or fonts.
  • Choose a background from our library or use your own image.
  • Upload your own images or choose from our stock library of over 1 million photographs, graphics and illustrations.
  • Save and download your design or use the menu URL
  • Share it on social media
  • “My Quick Service Restaurant is in LA, but I have to travel at least 8-10 days a month on allied business . Thanks to DS Menu’s Cloud- based facility I can monitor and update my menu online on my Laptop without being present in LA. Now I can interface with my customers online too !”
  • Samuel Robbins

    Venice Beach

    Los Angeles

  • “I have a chain of restaurants spread across the cities of ‘Frisco, Dallas and New York. Updating the menus concurrently within the order process was an issue. Till DS Menu resolved my problem, by advising me on the cloud-based facility whereby I can coordinate all my three menus with a single admin online on my Laptop. Today my order process is smooth & sales have grown 30% since.”
  • Dennis Mc Creedy


    New York

Online Menu Design

Provides plenty of flexibility. Quite obviously, a computer can offer easy usage of a range of facilities in graphics and design that offline service cannot. We offer wide options in size, font, color, item creations, design & content, such that on display your menu board can create the desired impact among your potential customers. No matter what the size of your restaurant is, you can always design your menu board with us. We will assist you in discerning your design, colors, content, playlists etc for your menu board so that you can display the best menu board for enticing your target customers quickly . We have an extensive gallery of templates for you to choose. From breakfast and brunch menus and with burgers and pizzas to all types of ethnic cuisine, wines and bakeries – we have them readymade for you. All you need to edit are the price points and special discount offers, if any. Finally, you need to display the menu board at a strategic place at or inside the restaurant.

Online Menu Board Integration

The cloud-based program in digital signage have enables you to update your menu at real times, within seconds, should you choose to change your menu for up-sells or fresh adverts. Further, you can monitor and update your menu online even if you are in Australia on vacation and your restaurant is in Los Angeles. Digital signage technology has enabled easy integration of your menu board, which you have created online with us, with several other digital platforms such as the mobile phone and social networking websites. It’s all about reaching your target audiences and updating them on your menu, special offers, brunches etc

Download free signage menu and use it through thumb drive.

Download free signage menu and use it with URL.

Download free signage menu and use it through any signage CMS player.

Benefits Of Creating Menu Board Online

  • Design, creativity and content are in your hands. And our website provides all the tools you need to conceive of a fresh menu board.
  •  Our menu board design tools are ideally meant for digital signage menu boards, which are best for all QSR’s at Point-of-sale locations.
  • Regardless of the size of your restaurant, you can create your own menu board with minimum cost .
  • Since a menu board can also double-up as an advertisement screen, you have complete liberty in creating your marketing message,or a caption, which can be integrated with the menu items.
  • You can create multiple menu boards for multiple screens. You may also download multiple templates that are on offer.
  • A wide spectrum of menu categories are on offer in our template gallery. From Burgers and Pizzas and Steaks to all types of ethnic cuisines and wines and bakeries are there readymade for you.
  •  You can create playlists and videos suitable to your menu for entertainment and display.
  • After you have created your menu board online with us you have several options for display, online as well as offline. Online, a pen drive or a memory stick will display the menu on screen. Or even only the computer URL’s will suffice in displaying the menu on screen. Offline, you may avail of the media Player, which has all the relevant features for assisting display of menu board on a digital screen/menu board.
  • Flexibility in operations : You can update your menu anytime, within a few seconds. Best when you need to market your up-sells, or introduce a new item.
  • A single admin  (computer remote operation) can facilitate menu update of all your multi-location menu boards/screens simultaneously.
  • Flexibility in functions : You can monitor your menu even if you are physically far away from your restaurant.
  • Enables easy integration with other digital platforms, the mobile phone and social networking sites.