How to display menu boards




After the board is published it generates 3 (three) types of image. We can use them as per our requiremnts.

  1. JPEG
  2. PNG
  3. GIF

JPEG and PNG image can be downloaded from my board section and can be used for offline purpose and the GIF image can be downloaded from playlist section and can be used as a playlist.


After the board is saved the site creates a unique URL for that specific board design. The URL contains a responsive HTML content which can be use in multiple screens with different sizes.



Offline use

Only a Smart TV with a browser is required

During the time of running a presentation, if the internet connection goes off; the presentation will still be running. There is an internal mechanisim that is responsible in keeping the signage screen alive even when there is no internet connection.

Through memory stick

You can use your own designed content through a memory stick. Just copy and paste. It is very easy.

How to change content

Copy the downloaded JPEG, PNG or GIF to your memory stick and place that into your TV or signage player. Select an image and play. Simple !



Online use

URL based

Every design has a unique URL, which contains responsive HTML5 content. Anyone, who wants to play or display their content, needs only an URL. This URL can be displayed through the Facebook post, within a tweet, into a signage display, in a TV through a browser, or via any signage player application. It can also be seen through a mobile phone as well.

Required smart TV with browser

To display the content you have made, you only require a browser enabled smart TV. This in itself will suffice if you wish to display your content to customers.

How to place content
  • How to chanage content through URL: Copy the respective URL and replace the existing. Through same process content can be changed everywhere.
  • Change content in a smart TV: Change content in smart TV is same as it is based on URL. Open the browser and replace with new link. Simple !.



With a Media Player

URL option

DSMenu content can easily be published through a signage Player. Customers, who already have signage Player installed can also easily use DSMenu content.


Copy the downloaded files to a memory stick, attach that memory stick with the player. Or else, copy the files to store in the inbuilt memory of the player.

How to place content
  • URL option: Every signage player has an inbuilt application. And every application provides an option to run external URL.
  • JPEG, PNG and GIF: Copy the downloaded files to a memory stick, attach that memory stick with the player. Or else, copy the files to inbuilt memory of the player.


Compact screen display

A simplified version of the user level integration is present on DSMenu. Users can assign multiple screens to a unique URL. For example, a restaurant owner has 10 screens and he wishes to assign a single screen for a single purpose ie, a particular screen for breakfast, another for lunch, another one for dinner etc.

Now, there is an option called "My Screen", where-in we can assign a screen for breakfast only. We can assign multiple screens and playlist to a single screen. If we want to update or delete any menu from the breakfast board , we do not need to change the URL for that screen. There is a "drag and drop" option to add or remove any item from the menuboard or playlist from a single screen. This operation can be replicated several times