Chain Store Solution

A platform on which a restaurant chain, with its remote stores, can operate seemlessly. Geographical location of remote stores is NOT a barrier anymore.

  • Centralized menuboard creatives.
  • Multiple account control with single admin.
  • Facilitates collaborative work.
  • Maintaining brand consistency.
  • Cost effective model across the board.

White Label Partnership

Your marketing skill + our technical skill = Business success.

  • Implementing partner's business model.
  • Maintaining partner's branding and goodwill.
  • DSMenu will look into the maintainence of the App.
  • Enhancement of the App. by DSMenu.
  • Partner can View & manage business in real time.
  • No DSMenu signature on partner site.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate partners help us to reach to our potential buyers and we associate with them in a very friendly business model.

  • Access to affiliate specific resources
  • We build the affiliate specific page.
  • Tied up on a business model
  • Long term business relationship.
  • We will manages all product upgrade and support.

Referral Program

Refer a friend with Discount Coupon

  • Invite your friends to DSMenu via email.
  • Share the"Discount Coupon", on Facebook or Twitter.

Your friend subscribe to DSMenu

  • While paying for subscription, they need to use the "Discount Coupon" that you had sent them so that they get a discount as well on subscription.

Instant Cash for you

  • When your friend registers and subscribes to DSMenu, you get a cash reward of $20.
  • It can be transferred to your bank account directly.
  • This rule applies for each subscription.